Our Community

Riverside Kitchens have always believed....

that being involved with our local community benefits everyone - but particularly local people and local charities. We have sponsored and organised many events over the years, and will continue to do so.

The Youth Cafe project in Elgin, featured below, is a good example of the type of project we love to be involved with.

youth cafe project
youth cafe project - the rebuilding

In an exciting development, the first half of 2016 has seen the construction of the new community kitchen.

The new development provides the group with a ‘state of the art’ teaching kitchen from which many of our projects will deliver new opportunities for the community.

kitchen supplied to youth cafe project
kitchen equipment for the youth cafe project

The kitchen development being installed.

Riverside at Speyfest
Riverside at Speyfest 2016
Riverside at Speyfest 2016 making Sushi
Speyfest making Sushi

Having a great time at Speyfest teaching lots of people sushi skills!! Everybody made fabulous avacado maki's and jumbo Philly rolls all presented beautifully in bento boxes! It was a fantastic day, thanks to all that took part!! We will be adding some more sushi classes to the cook school website next week